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Cool Calm Press Pink Butterfly
Cool Calm Press
Cool Calm Press
Cool Calm Press Orange Owl
Cool Calm Press Green Turtle
Cool Calm Press Pink Butterfly
A young 6 month old boy mischievously smiling to someone while trying to grab at an orange owl Cool Calm Press that his mother is holding against his knee.
A sad five year old girl leaning into her mother's shower while her mom holds an orange owl Cool Calm Press on her forehead.

Cool Calm Press

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Soothes aches, bumps, and bruises with cold therapy
  • Filled with non-toxic gel
  • Flexible when frozen
  • Perfectly sized with cute characters
  • Adult use only

Adult use only. Babies and children should alwaus be seated securely during product use. Never leave child unattended. Remove and discard all packaging materials. This product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children when not in use. Before each use, inspect the product. Throw away and replace at the first sign of damage or weakness.


Outer: Brushed TPU and Film

Inner: FDA Approved Gel: 75% purified water, 20% propylene glycol, 5% sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.

Care Instructions—Clean before first use and after each use. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dry with soft cloth before storing. Store in freezer between uses. Do not microwave, sterilize or boil. Do not store in direct sunlight or near a source of heat.

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